Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available buy on digital formats, giving fans a second chance to dig into the latest movie in the much-loved franchise. The movie didn’t have the smoothest ride to the screen, with original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord fired during production and veteran filmmaker Ron Howard brought in to take over and reshoot a reported 70% of the entire movie. Solo made its May release slot this year but underperformed at the box office, putting a sequel and further standalone Star Wars spin-offs in doubt.

Nevertheless, it’s a hugely entertaining movie well worth a revisit at home. The film, which focuses on the adventures of the young Han Solo, was written by Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan with his son Jon. Last week, Jon took to Twitter to release a lengthy list of behind-the-scene observations and opinions about the film, which makes for fascinating reading as you watch it.

Kasdan goes into detail about the many influences that he and the other filmmakers used for Solo, the film’s many Easter Eggs, and how the new characters were developed. He explains what changed from earlier drafts of the script and what scenes were shot but ended up on the cutting room floor. He also reveals that, despite the reshoots, the influence of Lord and Miller was greater than many fans might expect, with several key moments remaining from their time on the movie. Finally, Kasdan speculates on the future of the younger incarnations of Han, Chewie, and Lando, and if we’ll get to see them in another movie. So here’s our pick of Kasdan’s most fascinating insights into the making of Solo, presented in chronological order and in his own words.


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